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Do web agencies maintain the website after development?

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What responsibility should web agencies take when they develop a website? Should they maintain it afterward? Is there an obligation to upkeep any changes or can they just leave it as it is? These are some of the questions we will address in this article.

Websites today are important in helping businesses gain recognition and grow. They are often seen as a reflection of the organization or company, and thus, must be maintained constantly. Poorly managed websites hinder the performance of businesses and may cause customers to form negative opinions. This problem persists as many web agencies fail to uphold their commitment to maintain websites. According to research conducted by WebsitePlanet in 2019, 64.2% of business and organization websites are still supported by the companies that originally built them, which suggest that there’s a need for web agencies to not only design but also maintain the websites in the future.

In this article, you will learn about the implications of improper website maintenance by web agencies. We will look into why it is essential for web agencies to not only build websites but also upkeep them in order to ensure the success of their clients. We will also provide suggestions on how to properly manage websites and create a maintenance plan for them. Finally, we will explore available options for website maintenance and how to decide which is the best for your business.

By the end, you should have a better understanding of the role web agencies play in maintaining websites and how to ensure that they are managed properly. Through this article, you will gain the insight to make sure that the website of your business is well taken care of.


A web agency is a company that specializes in website and application development. They are typically responsible for creating digital experiences on the web for brands, businesses, or individuals. Web agencies can also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a website is running smoothly and correctly.
Maintenance is an essential part of running a website, and it often includes things like security and content updates, minor design tweaks, and responding to customer inquiries. Web agencies are tasked with providing these services post-development, ensuring a website works as expected and remains secure.

Development signifies the process of creating a website or application from start to finish. This typically involves things like coding, design, content writing, and integration. Web agencies are tasked with taking an idea and turning it into a finished product.
Content Updates involve providing fresh content on a website so it looks up to date and relevant. This could include anything from new blog posts to images or videos, and web agencies can help manage this content to ensure it’s properly updated on a regular basis.

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Design is a crucial part of web development; it can determine the success or failure of a website. Web agencies are usually responsible for creating a beautiful, intuitive design for their clients’ projects. This should combine a visually appealing aesthetic with effective user experience (UX) elements.
Security is a vitally important factor in website development and maintenance. Web agencies should provide regular security updates, patching any vulnerabilities found, to help protect their clients from being targeted by malicious hackers or other malicious actors.

What Are Website Maintenance Guidelines?

Whether you are a new website owner or expanding your existing operations, website maintenance (or post-development) is an essential part of the life cycle of any website. With the right maintenance approach, you can maintain your website’s aesthetic appeal, performance, and security over time.

Website Updates

One of the central requirements for website maintenance is that the website needs to stay up to date with the latest changes in the industry. This means keeping up with the latest web design trends, news of competitors, and technological advancements. To do this, skilled web development entities provide regular updates to the design, content, system plugins, and other aspects of the website. This includes removing old text and media, adding new sections and features, and bug fixes.


Security is often a forgotten part of website maintenance. Websites are vulnerable to attacks such as malware or malicious attempts to break into the website’s underlying code. It is essential to have a reliable maintenance team that can ensure your website security is in the best shape possible. This includes software updates, server security protocols, and ongoing monitoring of the website’s security.


Website maintenance also includes optimization of the website to maximize its performance. This includes tasks such as improving page speed, compressing images, and other such activities. It also involves adding new functions and features to the website to make it more user-friendly and to improve user experience.

Preventive Measures

Finally, a good web agency should be proactive in addressing any potential website issues before they arise. This could include automating some tasks to prevent resources from getting wasted, or creating backups to avoid data loss in case of website failure. Additionally, it is important to have a plan of action that can be quickly activated in times of emergency.
To keep your website running in top condition, a reputable web agency will provide useful services beyond just post-development support. Just remember to always have a maintenance schedule in place to ensure the security, performance, and optimization of your website.

Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to website maintenance, here are the main things to look out for:

  • Website updates
  • Security protocols
  • Optimization
  • Backups and preventive measures
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What Website Maintenance Services Include?

Yes, web agencies do maintain websites after development. Website maintenance can involve a variety of services, from general website updates and content changes to advanced functionality and feature additions. Knowing what website maintenance services are available can help organizations understand their options when it comes to managing their websites.

Content Updates and Management

One of the most common elements of website maintenance is making sure the website content is up-to-date and regularly updated. This may include changing graphics, text, any multimedia, and other elements such as buttons or links. It may also include removing old content and determining which content should remain. Content management systems are designed to simplify the content updating process, allowing organizations to quickly make changes and updates without having to understand web programming or coding.

Feature and Functionality Upgrades

Another important part of website maintenance is making sure the website is functioning properly and advancing alongside the needs of the organization and its users. Website functionality upgrades involve ensuring that the website is compatible with modern web technologies, and ensuring that it remains secure and up-to-date. This may include adding new features, enhancing existing features, and creating customized solutions to fit the organization’s specific needs.
Website maintenance also includes ensuring that the website is optimized for search engine ranking and usability. Proper optimization can help ensure that the website is visible to a wide range of users and will help the organization reach their desired audiences more effectively.
Finally, website maintenance includes managing the website’s hosting environment and servers. This may involve selecting the right hosting provider, setting up hosting accounts, and ensuring that the website is properly backed up. It may also include setting up and maintaining databases, configuring firewall and security settings, and testing the website to ensure that it meets the organization’s standards and that it functions as expected.

What Risks and Challenges Does Website Maintenance Involve?

Risks of Web Maintenance

Web maintenance involves a certain level of risk. Anytime a website is changed or updated, there is the chance of introducing a mistake or technical problem. If a web development agency is not careful or experienced, it is possible to accidentally introduce errors that can significantly disrupt a website’s functionality or aesthetics. In some cases, changing code or introducing new content can even cause security issues or make websites vulnerable to hackers. Display issues, interference with existing plugins and content structure issues, are all common risks associated with website maintenance.

Challenges of Web Maintenance

In addition to risks, website maintenance can also present a few challenges. As the web is always changing and improving, a website must also adapt. Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult for someone without the right technical knowledge or experience. For example, WordPress updates a core version every few months and plugins are updated even more frequently. It is important to keep all of the software up to date, but this requires time and technical expertise.
Also, websites contain large amounts of content and code. Care must be taken when updating or removing content so that the entire website remains stable. Too often, careless changes to content can accidentally affect the design or user experience of the entire website. Fixing such errors is time consuming and can be costly.
Finally, the number of visitors to any site can vary greatly. In order to continue to provide a good user experience to all visitors, web developers must always be able to test, maintain and improve the site. Traffic spikes or challenges like the implementation of enterprise-level technology can present issues that are beyond the capabilities of many web developers.
Website maintenance can introduce risks and challenges, but many of these issues can be minimized by having an experienced web development agency properly maintain and update your site. The right web development agency can help reduce risks and manage any of the associated challenges to ensure that your website remains stable, secure and user-friendly.

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Thought-provoking question on this topic could be: Is it worthwhile for companies to continue their partnership with web agencies even after their website is developed?
When it comes to maintaining a website, companies may wonder whether it’s worth investing in an agency for this purpose. The truth is, having an agency to help make a website can be beneficial for many reasons, but continuing that partnership after development is a choice a business must make. To stay up to date with the latest information on this topic, readers should look out for new blog releases from web agencies.
Q1: Is it important to have a web agency that maintains a website?
Yes, it can be very important to have a web agency to maintain a website. Having the right agency can help ensure that problems are solved quickly and can also assist with future updates or changes to the website.
Q2: What types of services should I look for from a web agency?
When choosing a web agency, it’s important to look for those that offer maintenance services such as monitoring, security, backups, and bug fixing. Other services may include content management, updates and hosting support.
Q3: How long does website maintenance typically last?
The length of time for website maintenance can vary greatly depending on the complexity of a website and the tasks that are needed. Generally speaking, maintenance contracts usually last from one to three years.
Q4: How often should a website be maintained?
Ideally, a website should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is secure, up to date, and performing optimally. For most sites, monthly or quarterly maintenance is usually enough.
Q5: What can a web agency do for a website?
A web agency can provide a variety of services for a website, including designing and developing a website, customizing content, and optimizing search engine results. The agency can also take care of website maintenance and updates, as well as providing hosting and security services.

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